Tugging Your Body Hair

This story comes in two parts, the first is the catalyst for the second part, but you know, Mongo has to write a good introduction to reel you in and so you can read my musings. It’s the story about how my ATF at the time became so disgusted by my body foliage she requested I get a Brazilian wax before seeing her again.

I’m a very hairy guy, I won’t hide it. My ATF was a skinny little Asian lady named Yukiko, she was Japanese and worked at one of the parlors near the Rubmaps offices at the time. She became my ATF after one session, I won’t go into details but she did things I had never had a girl do before. But after two or three sessions I found her more unwilling to do certain things around my pelvic area, namely using her mouth near there. It got to the point where she wouldn’t even take my money for any lip service.

When I ask why she gave me the ultimatum: “Mongo, you are too hairy, you first shave then me love you again!” Indeed, I couldn’t believe it.

What came next? Well, I was looking for a place to get a Brazilian wax nearby and found a few very far away, but something struck me as weird, one of the places was also listed on Rubmaps… and they had both massage and waxing as a combo package.

Got to the place, lovely Brazilian lady welcomes me in, I ask for the whole package. First I get prepped, then bam, hairs off, then relax, then a massage, then the flip, and we all know what happens after the flip. It wasn’t cheap, but I got all I wanted there, and now I was hair-free.

Come back to the ATF’s parlor, and she now doesn’t even want me in the massage room, I show her I got waxed and she says “I know, you go to that Brazil place where they do the fuck too! You cheat on me!” And she throws a hot towel on my face. Goddamn, gossip travels fast around here.

You just can’t win with these ladies… But yeah, you ever had to manscape for an AMP visit? Or better yet gotten manscaped at a parlor?

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