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So you get to the parlor, see that they got you a bored-looking, average-to-ugly old Asian lady, you then ask for a lineup and then they shut the door in your face. Has this happened to you? It’s happened to me. So I have some stuff to say I’ve learned over time about asking for a lineup at most places:

First of all, the only one place I find that is completely comfortable with giving you a lineup is FS houses, places that aren’t just a massage parlor. I’m sure there’s one in your city that you know very well or would like to know very well, there’s one in my city, heck there’s even one in the next city over.

FS places will have no issue when you ask to see the girls who are working today, but only if you walk in, don’t try it over the phone, they value customers and repeat customers even more, but they also value your engagement so they will show you what they got if you ask, guaranteed, I’ve never gotten a no at these places when I asked, but I always had to be there physically or be a repeat customer, and always have asked politely.

Then there’s the rub and tug joints, some of these places don’t have any good looking girls and they don’t want you to find out, they’re ok with you looking at the girl, going “no thank you” and walking out, but it’s bad business for them if you ask for a lineup, in which case they will make you walk out. Of course, there’s some that have no issue with it and will entertain any request for a different girl

Another issue is respect, some places think it’s disrespectful to show you all their girls like they’re merchandise, these are the places that don’t even have fake pics on their ads and will not let you know who’s working when you call in, I can’t give you any recommendation on what do with these places other than good luck.

I hope this guide helps you decide whether or not it’s worth it to ask for a lineup at the next place you’re going to, I wouldn’t want to hear you got kicked out and thus won’t be able to provide us with a fresh new review on your experience.

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