The Monger’s Resolutions

So the New Year has passed, it is now the Year 2018 and we have flying cars and robot hookers like the Jetsons promised us —Don’t give me that look, I know you wanted to bang Rosie the Robot Maid as badly I did— and along with this New Year comes New Years Resolutions, what are yours? Mongo has a few in case you have no mongering resolutions:

Finding a new ATF! My last ATF has already flown back to Korea! She wanted to spend Christmas and the New Years over there, and this includes the Chinese New Year. I didn’t even know they celebrated any of those three in Korea but she assured me they do, so this means Mongo needs a new ATF until late this year. Change is good, we might not want change but it eventually comes the time where change is needed.

Tipping more for very good service! During last year I gave you lots of hints on when to tip better than average, whether you got a killer Happy Ending, the girl was nice, she looked like she needed a Christmas present, I would like to continue this year with that positivity, slip in a couple more bucks for the girls who need them and work for them.

Exploring new AMPs in my area! They opened up a new one near our offices, they don’t even know we’re there but they’ll probably get lots of traffic from our office, myself included. Be adventurous, find a new parlor in your area and write a good review for us!

What are your New Years Resolutions, my fellow mongers? It’s already gonna be the end of the first week of the year, are you keeping up with them?

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