Prostate Thoughts

I’m nearing the age where I have to worry about my health more than when I was younger. I’ve honestly never done a big survey to find out what our demographic is because Mongo values your privacy, but if I had to guess most of our user base is in the age range we might need to start thinking about this. Now, I’m not gonna grab a chair and sit back on it and level with you, but here are some thoughts I’ve had.

Recently I heard a buddy around my age laugh at the thought of me going to get a prostate exam, I first wondered why this would make him laugh since I’ve shown him to parlors where the girls do prostate massages, but I figured he was just thinking about the icky aspect of it: An old dude in a white gown with a white latex glove sticking his lubed-up fingers in my asshole.

Prostate massages aren’t always invasive nowadays, there’s always the blood work test that works just as fine in detecting prostate cancer than digital tests do (digital as in digits, fingers), but there’s always other tell-tale signs.

If you have problems peeing (either too much or too little), see blood on your pee or semen (which is worse, you don’t wanna give Coco some strawberry with your cream) or you have extreme lower back pain and are in the age when prostate cancer begins showing itself, you should always go get checked.

I know it sounds cheesy, but that’s all I could think about when I was getting my blood work done for the exam, I wouldn’t like hearing any of our users died from neglecting to get a check-up. It’s a New Year guys lets be healthy together.

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