Girls at AMPs

And I don’t mean just the working girls, recently I’ve heard that women too might be interested in coming into parlors and getting happy endings. I was leaving a spot the other day and I saw a woman getting a hug goodbye and this got me thinking, I mean it is the 21st Century, that kind of stuff isn’t new and especially not in this business with all the two girl sessions and girl on girl shows, right? But yeah, Girl Johns, do they call them Jills? I don’t know.

As admin of a website dedicate to providing people with information on parlors, I will never pick and choose my users, especially not based on gender, but for all intents and purposes I would believe their reviews would be much different, they wouldn’t get a CBJ but a DAMY, dining at my Y, or something like that?

I mean I’m not talking just about the logistics side of things too, in all my years mongering I do sometimes see women coming in for massages at places that blur the line between a FS parlor and a legit parlor, maybe ladies need that kind of release too? Both the provider and the Jill have the same hardware, so surely they know how to work it too, right?

My ATF used to have a girl come to her before for a breast massage ever so often -which is also what sparked this blog piece- and sometimes if the girl got too hot she’d dine at her Y or give her a handie.

It’s not a new trend, is it? I mean I’d be happy to learn that more women are into it, but I just don’t know if this is a normal thing now.

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