Big Game Coming Up!!

As you know, Mongo doesn’t want this to be just a parlor blog, I have other interests. We’ve ran football-related blogs before but now it’s finally time for the big one, the event we’ve been waiting all year, the reason why this Sunday you’ll be visiting your local parlor way earlier than usual. I’m talking about the Big Game!!

It’s only the second Bowl to be hosted in Minneapolis, sadly I couldn’t get any tickets again or time off from the office this year so I’ll be watching it along with the guys at my place, but I’m damn hyped up either way! The Pats once more will fight to be #1 and this time taking on the Ea-gles themselves. Each team has been #1 in their conference and will now be facing off, truly a clash of titans.

A rematch of the Big Game from 2005, but the only one player still remaining from that game is the big Brady himself, and the Pat’s coach as well. But will the Eagles be able to take down the Pats now and win their own glory?

Who are you rooting for, mongers?!

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